Opportunities to Make a Real Impact

We are looking for talented people who want to tackle challenging problems within a collaborative and motivated team.

We manage critical capabilities—high availability, cross-platform, scalable product search and an advertising platform that serves advertisers and publishers alike—for our parent company Amazon and other clients.

Driving Innovative Solutions

The Team

We're very proud of the team we've built at A9. It's an eclectic group of amazingly talented, highly motivated and remarkably smart people.

Small Size, Big Impact
Our global team consists of just a few hundred people, with almost half being in Palo Alto. We are small enough that nobody's contribution is diluted. Everyone makes a difference. Our team may not be large in size, but we tackle the technical challenges of one of the biggest internet companies.

We come from all over the world. We have very diverse backgrounds and have an exceptionally high ratio of PhDs. We're all intent on solving some of the most complex computing problems to be found in industry and academia, and we get to test our solutions in the real world.

A Culture of Curiosity and Innovation
A9 is a place where builders can build, experimenters can experiment and everyone can play both roles. We have people just starting their careers collaborating with others who have 20 years experience. From recent grads to PhD and seasoned professionals, we all learn from each other.

At A9, we all get to grow. We get to work with really smart people who stretch our thinking, doing what we love and what we're good at. We can try out new roles at A9, working with different teams, taking on new responsibilities, and pushing our work, and the company, forward.

With A9 teams located around the world, in cities like Palo Alto, Bangalore, Beijing, Dublin, Iasi, and Tokyo, A9 offers many opportunities for talented people who get excited at the thought of tackling challenging and meaningful technical problems with motivated and collaborative peers.

We Put Technology to Work in the Real World.

Product Search

A9 powers Product Search for Amazon sites around the world. If you've done a search on Amazon, you've used the A9 Product Search engine.

Our work starts long before a customer types a query. We've been analyzing data, observing past traffic patterns, and indexing the text describing every product in our catalog before the customer has even decided to search. And as soon as we see the first keystroke, we're ready with instant suggestions and a comprehensive set of search results.

Visual Search

Large-scale computer vision solutions that help people discover more about the world around them.

"Our goal is to create solutions that are so simple to use, so fast and convenient, that customers prefer them to traditional search methods." -Sunil R., Visual Search

Augmented Reality: Using a camera-phone as the view of the world
Our technology helps customers use visual information for search, discovery and shopping. We create Augmented Reality solutions on mobile devices, overlaying relevant information over camera-phone views of the world around us.

It is often easier to search with a picture than it is to type. We build technologies to recognize objects in camera-phone views. We also support barcode and QR code recognition on mobile devices.

A9 Visual Search also powers solutions that lets customers search for products based on their visual attributes such as color, shape or even texture. Such solutions appear on Amazon.com and Zappos.com, allowing customers to quickly find the shoes or watches they like based on the appearance of the product.

Cloud Search

We adapted A9's technology for the Cloud; now anyone can implement the same powerful search on their own site.

"CloudSearch frees people from having to become search experts. Our service does the heavy lifting so our customers can focus on running their business." - Puneet G., CloudSearch

How It Works
Developed by A9, Amazon CloudSearch Is based on the same technology that powers search on Amazon.com.

CloudSearch is the fully-managed, cloud-based search service for Amazon Web Services (AWS). It allows businesses and developers to easily integrate fast and highly scalable search functionality into their applications.

Developers don't have to worry about hardware provisioning, data partitioning, or software patches. They simply create a search instance -- called a search domain in CloudSearch -- and upload the data they want to make searchable. The service then automatically allocates the servers required and deploys a highly tuned search index. CloudSearch relies on many proven AWS services, such as EC2 and EMR.

Mobile Apps

Mobile and Ubiquitous
The Mobile Applications team develops apps that help customers shop and search using visual search technology.

We use Visual Search technology to create customer-centric applications that help people discover more about the world around them using a camera phone view. We rely on robust systems infrastructure, and integrate multiple mobile-device signals, such as orientation, location and gestures, into our apps.

Our apps aim to create a magical customer-experience. Designers, Engineers, Product Managers collaborate to incorporate cutting edge vision technology and intuitive UXs with media-rich experiences that are lightning fast, and effortless to use.


Building ad serving and optimization systems that handle billions of queries every day.

We focus on the customer. We take a long-term view. We think big.

Serving Our Customers
Advertising is one of the ways Amazon is able to offer lower prices to our customers.

As an integral part of Amazon's advertising efforts, A9's Ad Tech team builds the technology infrastructure and ad serving systems to manage unprecedented traffic. The result is better quality advertising for publishers and better, more relevant ads for customers.

Technical Operations

Amazon relies on our global Tech Ops team to run a world-class Search infrastructure

Infrastructure That Scales.
Search and several related services we support are at the core of the Amazon business: they help customers find the items they want to buy. We are always online and ready to respond.

Our globally distributed team oversees the smooth-running of all search system operations on Amazon sites in North America, Europe and Asia; our Client Services group provides hands on support for those that depend on A9's search systems.

Besides our ultra-high availability frontline operations, we plan and scale with the fast-paced growth of search. We look at the data; we determine what services are needed; we implement solutions and we manage deployments. We are responsible for thousands of servers handling 100s of millions customer searches daily.

We stay agile so that we can adapt to unexpected change and exponential growth. We are ready when peak traffic surges, and we understand that yesterday's record is going to be tomorrow's average, so we always stay ahead with our infrastructure.

A9 Team Locations

Palo Alto, California

Set in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Palo Alto office was founded in 2003 to produce technology advances in Search and Advertising. More recently, A9's Palo Alto office has also become home to CloudSearch, Visual Search and Mobile Innovations.

Dublin, Ireland

A9's first overseas Technical Operations team was formed in Dublin. As part of our "follow the sun" Technical Operations, along with Palo Alto and Tokyo, Dublin provides support for A9's services worldwide.

Munich, Germany

Embedded at the Amazon Germany offices, the A9 Munich team works on Search Relevance and Technical Operations, supporting Amazon initiatives in Europe.

Iasi, Romania

The Platform Search team based in Iasi specializes in developing custom search solutions for Amazon teams worldwide.

Bangalore, India

In addition to driving development of the Amazon Associates platform, our development team in Bangalore supports A9's CloudSearch and Advertising Technology teams.

Beijing, China

Working alongside Amazon's own China-based Search Experience team, our team in Beijing provides support on Search initiatives in Asia.


Our Asia-based Technical Operations team is located in Tokyo. Like the Tech Ops teams in Palo Alto and Dublin, Tokyo supports our "follow the sun" Technical Operations for A9's global services.