Company Overview

It’s a natural reflex. You finish a container of orange juice, or finish reading the newspaper, and with the flick of your wrist, it goes in the trash. The problem is, you're not just throwing away a product, you’re throwing away a valuable resource. You’re throwing away a future product, a future job, future revenue — an opportunity to make a difference in our communities. Instead, with the simple act of throwing that item into the recycling bin, you start a simple and profound revolution; a “recovery revolution”. By your own actions, you are helping our community, your family, our environment and our economic future. At ReCommunity, recycling is about much more than collecting and processing tons of aluminum cans, plastic bottles and reams of paper. We believe in the restorative power of recycling and what it can do to build jobs, to build revenue and to build a future for our communities.

ReCommunity. It’s about our future. Please don't throw it away.

Company Summary
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500 or more
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Charlotte, NC