Dr. Tim Jones completed medical school at Stanford University and a residency in Family Medicine and Maternal/Child Health Fellowship at the Brown University/Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island program. He practiced in an underserved population in Utah before joining the CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service in 1997. He now serves as the State Epidemiologist for the Tennessee Department of Health, overseeing programs including Immunizations, TB, HIV/STD, Emergency Preparedness, Foodborne Diseases, Hospital Infections, Vectorborne and Zoonotic Diseases, Environmental Epidemiology, and general communicable disease surveillance and control. Dr. Jones is active in many studies and projects with CDC, CSTE, IOM and other national organizations, has served as a short-term consultant to WHO and testified to Congress on public health matters, and has over 120 peer-reviewed publications on a variety of public health topics.

The Tennessee Department of Health provides population health services to the state’s 6.2 million residents. Over 5000 public health staff work in 95 counties to deliver these services. Activities include advocating for and promoting healthy behaviors, providing direct services to underserved populations, monitoring potential public health threats, and responding to public health emergencies.