Colleges Benefit From Student Employment Success
Colleges Benefit From Student Employment Success
Most people will agree that comprehensive job search preparation information, guidance, training and related activities have obvious and significant benefits for students who are concerned about employment success. When colleges minimize these responsibilities, they ensure that many of their students will be at a disadvantage in the job market.

Colleges that truly care about student employment success are open to new and better ways of operating, constantly implement improvements and monitor the results. In fact they aggressively seek them out and introduce them quickly. They do that because they understand both the benefits of job search preparation for students and the numerous ways the college will benefit too.

How Will Your College Benefit From Improving Student Employment Success?
  1. More students will believe that the college cares about them.
  2. More graduates will leave with good feelings about the college.
  3. More graduates will have obtained good jobs that pay well.
  4. More graduates will be able to make donations to the college.
  5. More graduates will speak highly of the college, making recruitment easier.
  6. More graduates will be able to live on their own.
  7. More graduates will be able to pay back their student loans.
  8. With better student employment success, the college will attract more applicants from around the country.
  9. The college will attract more highly qualified applicants because of its reputation.
  10. Students will be reluctant to leave or drop out.
  11. The college will receive broad recognition for its student employment results.
  12. More parents will recognize the benefits of an education at the college.
  13. The college will attract more transfer students.
  14. More employers will choose to recruit students from the college.
Therefore, college leaders should answer these questions:

Do you want more students to land good jobs?

Do you understand that students want to graduate with good jobs?

Do you agree that colleges benefit from student employment success?

Are you fully focused on identifying and implementing new and better job search preparation services for your students?

Greater student employment success is within the reach of every college that is willing to hear suggestions and make changes. Remaining satisfied with the status quo, ignoring the possibilities, finding fault, making excuses, resisting change and being unwilling to try new or different approaches will not lead to more good jobs for students. However, an active and determined search for other ways to operate and a willingness to try them is what makes improvement possible.

What is your college doing to ensure that more students land good jobs this year?