Sports Anchor (Pt. 1)

With millions of sports fans across the country, there's an obvious need for individuals to report the on and off-the-field happenings across the local and national scene. Though the coverage of sports has become a 24/7 entity, in-depth stories and focus on the local teams - high school, college and pro - requires professionals in their particular location. Lance Allan, the Main Sports Anchor for WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee, talks with Tim Muma about his experiences in his position, as well what it takes to get into the industry, the skills you need to master, and a few other tips on becoming a sports anchor.

Podcast Series: I Want To Be A
Children and even some adults fantasize about finding their dream job. Sometimes they don’t know what it is or how to get there. This show will walk our starry-eye job seekers through the reality of how to fulfill their life’s goal of becoming exactly what they want to do.