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  • Executive Resume Writing Tip: Slow Down, Go Deep
    by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter - August 16, 2017
    This week’s Top Tip for executives reinvigorating their executive resume is to slow down and go deep into your thought archives before writing your critical career story. Without considerable introspection and layers of thought work related to the ultimate goal of preparing a focused, meaningful and compelling story, your resume will fall flat, like a cake without baking powder.
  • Prove ROI On Your Resume & Be The Solution To An Employer's Needs
    by Michelle Dumas - August 15, 2017
    It is all about results. I’ve written extensively about the importance of developing a compelling resume filled with accomplishments and results rather than job responsibilities. Beyond just a listing of your job history with a few educational details thrown in, an accomplishment-focused resume will help you make the case that you are the solution to the needs of your target employer. The best resumes prove your pote...
  • 6 Right Ways to Use Job Boards... and One Wrong Way
    by Lisa Rangel - August 11, 2017
    I am a huge advocate of networking with new contacts and existing connections to land your next job. Studies from CareerXRoads, JobVite and SHRM and others show networking to be the most effective way to get hired. However, that does not mean a job seeker should ignore job boards in conducting their job search. There is a right way – actually I’ve listed six right ways, and one wrong way to use job boards,...
  • Questions About Senior Level Resumes
    by Robin Schlinger - August 8, 2017
    Q. I’m applying for my first senior level (director) position. I want my resume to show that I’m ready for the challenge. How do I do that? A. Good for you for recognizing that your resume must match expectations for a senior level position. When you are listing your skills, make sure that you feature leadership, financial (profit and loss), strategy, and talent development skills. At this level, no one is inter...
  • 5 Resume Must-Haves For a Better Job Search in 2017
    by Louise Garver - August 7, 2017
    Whether you are a seasoned executive or a manager with an eye set on elevating to an executive level role, you need to be aware of how the below resume writing tips impact the effectiveness of your job search. 1. Profile section. According to Dummies.com, “A career summary [profile] section should be a descriptive selling point distilled from your past accomplishments to emphasize your future value to the potential...
  • The One #SMH Resume Mistake I See Daily That Doesn't Discriminate
    by Lisa Rangel - August 4, 2017
    This 1 #SMH mistake does not discriminate. Smart people. Not-so-smart people. Executives. Professionals. Entry-level. Corporate. Not-For-Profit. Academic. Military-To-Civilian. Marketing. Finance. Scientific. Law. IT. Highly educated. Not-so-highly educated. This 1 #SMH mistake is committed by everyone at all levels from all walks of life every day. I see this error daily. All. The. Time. Le...
  • Handling Behavioral Interview Questions
    by Debra Wheatman - August 3, 2017
    There is a pervasive myth out there among job candidates that the interview is about you. It should be easy to go in and talk about yourself, your achievements, your vision. Make no mistake. The interview isn’t about you at all. It’s about the business pain that the hiring manager and company have. The hiring manager doesn’t want to listen to your life’s story or a rehashing of every project on which y...
  • What Your Resume Says About You
    by Robin Schlinger - July 31, 2017
    One of the most important things your resume can say about you—before anyone reads a word—is that you are a professional. How does the resume say that? It is formatted cleanly, with your name and content information clearly visible on top and with consistent alignment, font size, and bolding or italics. On closer inspection, it uses standard English spelling and grammar. Once hiring managers or recruiters begin...
  • 4 Resume Mistakes Even Smart People Make - And How to Fix Them
    by Michelle Dumas - July 24, 2017
    Looking for a new job can be a daunting task! Sometimes it can feel like you’re simply banging your head against the proverbial brick wall. Knowing how to attract the right job involves more than just knocking on doors and saying, “Please hire me.” It involves a thoughtful approach, using proven methods for gaining attention for your resume from the right hiring managers. It also takes the willingness to unde...
  • Resume Secrets You Might Not Know
    by Georgia Adamson - July 17, 2017
    If you believe there are resume secrets hidden from you and you don’t know how to crack the code, this post is for you! Because. guess what: There are NO resume secrets–unless you believe a resume that will get you interviews is somehow mysteriously concocted by writers who have a pipeline into a well-protected Fort Knox of resume-writing secrets. Anyone Can Write a Resume, Right? Well, no. Or maybe yes, if w...