The Art of Rebranding: Discovering Your Vision, Designing Your Voice - Part 1
The Art of Rebranding: Discovering Your Vision, Designing Your Voice - Part 1
So, I’m thinking about rebranding – both as an overall conceptual strategy, and practically, to respond to a rapidly evolving speaking and writing business/social media environment. Several factors are coming into play:  Professionally, I’m in a state of flux, wanting to explore new presentational arenas for projecting a message beyond my Stress Doc personae, having walked that talk for several decades.  And while still happy to do a rousing Practice Safe Stress ™ program, I’m ready to move in new directions.

I’ve been testing the cyber-blog waters with a more contemporary, streamlined, and byte-sized – tailored to the digital mind and medium – “word artist”/Psychohumorist ™ voice…and the social media feedback has been encouraging.  Then, in the past two months, have been asked to do Spring keynote/speaking gigs for:

1) a local VA SHRM (Soc. of Human Resources Management) – "Keys to Captivating an Audience" as well as,a leader
2) the VA State SHRM Annual Conference (as a 2-hour MegaSpeaker) – "Leading with Passion Power:  Inspiring through Clarity, Courage & Creativity."  And,
3) the Baltimore Unitarian Universalist Congregation as a guest speaker/sermon presenter on, "Discovering Your Voice at Any Age."   (My new nickname, courtesy of my friend/colleague/“sister” Eva G., "The Sermonator.")

A Compelling & Captivating Calling

Is it a stretch to say the Mid-Atlantic speaking universe is telling me to spread the “authentic voice,” “captivating keys,” and “Passion Power” words:  to work with groups and to individually coach others who, in turn, will role model and better inform and inspire their audience?   The overarching yet down to earth learning objective:  “how to” deliver and facilitate a more compelling and captivating, “Get FIT” message – by being FUN-Interactive-Thought-provoking.  In my mind, a speaker, trainer, educator, director, workshop facilitator, and/or coach should also be an orchestra leader, helping individuals, groups, and communities (the entire symphony/company) bring out and synergize their solo and collective best music.

In sum, my personal goal:  to be a 4 "C"-ing role model and messenger, one who delivers speaking presentations and coaching programs, and inspires others to do the same.  Why can’t a leader strive to be a complex-whole individual:  "Creative-Courageous-Comedic-Compassionate?"

In closing, as I contemplate this makeover process, completing the rebranding circuit clearly requires fresh or, at least, reenergized programs, products, or services.  But rejuvenation is also fired by an evolving, if not exploding, individual and/or company vision and voice.  Such a dynamic duo helps forge and illuminate a new identity – to reaffirm one’s unique mix of strengths, skills and strategies.  With revitalized vision and voice, unexplored marketing horizons are within one’s reach.  Time to expand a target audience.  And, naturally, one must explore a variety of live arenas and social media platforms for delivering the goods.  However, before revealing my rebranding Aha! let me try reconstructing key steps of this redesign and repositioning process.

Actually, we will all have to wait for the Part II sketch of the “Top Ten.”  Until then…Practice Safe Stress!

“Top Ten” Steps for Professional Rebranding

1.  Trust Your Constructive Discontent 

2,  Noodle on the Implications, Possibilities, and Pitfalls

3.  Expect Some “Thrustration”…Then Incubate

4.  Try an Experiment or Performance Pilot Project

5.  Assess the Results for Next Action Steps

6.  Test the Social Media Waters

7.  Accept Challenges/Criticism to Help You Stretch

8.  Define Your Mission

9.  Develop Your Mottos, Mantras, and Models

10. Unfurl Your New Brand