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  • Assertive Communication in the Workplace
    with Joe Feest and Lynn Molitor - September 4, 2012
    Effective communication in a workplace setting is critical. We don't really learn assertive communication from our families though. As a result, we may not be prepared for the challenges encountered in the workplace where people need to effectively work together to achieve results. This episode will help put common workplace situations into perspective and offer listeners some tips on how to develop a more assertive comm...
  • by Joe Feest - August 9, 2012
    Do you ever find yourself thinking that there are so many things you could do at work that would have a huge impact upon your effectiveness—if only you could find the time! Does getting by day to day seem to take up all your time? So often when people think of time management they think in terms of tips, tricks, tools and techniques. What’s the latest new and creative approach? A focus on seeking out the latest trendy...
  • Time Management
    with Joe Feest, Marina Vygodner and Lynn Molitor - July 30, 2012
    Many of us struggle with how to better manage our priorities and meet deadlines. This can be a challenge both professionally and personally. This episode will give listeners practical suggestions to be more effective and productive. Guests include a corporate trainer of time management and a recent student who took his time management class. Topical subjects are discussed as well. Anything goes on this show!
  • by Joe Feest - November 18, 2008
    In MRA’s “Leading An Engaged Workforce (LEW)” series we define employee engagement as, “The extent to which employees are committed to their job, organization, manager, co-workers, and working both harder and smarter rather than merely showing up to do what they’re obliged to do. Engaged employees contribute discretionary effort in accomplishing their objectives.” Then, in our LEW series we identify the seven drivers that m...