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  • CEO Compensation Issues
    with Bob Donnelly and Tim Muma - January 26, 2014
    The stories seem to come out on a weekly basis, describing a lucrative deal being struck for a new CEO, only to see him or her leave in a few months while collecting a hefty sum. Bob Donnelly, an educator for St. Peter's University and former CEO himself, expresses the major concerns over CEO compensation and its effects on the company and its workers. He also suggests to Tim Muma some ways to curtail the extravagant payoff...
  • Being an Executive: Bob Donnelly
    with Bob Donnelly and Tim Muma - January 22, 2014
    In his corporate career, Bob Donnelly was the president and CEO of a technology-based company for 10 years, which he positioned for sale to Emerson Flow Control, a Fortune 100 firm. Earlier in his career he held management positions with IBM, Pfizer, and EXXON as well. He joins Tim Muma to discuss why he kept moving on, what drove him to success and the most important items people need to focus on when looking to become an...