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  • Survey Respondents Are Prioritizing Military Veteran Hiring, Development
    by Alexandra Levit - December 12, 2018
    Many organizations have prioritized the hiring of military veterans in recent years. This is commendable, as military hiring requires a different strategy than civilian hiring because veterans do not have exactly the same needs as traditional hires. For instance, they are often attracted by different things during the recruitment process, and sometimes respond better to alternative training and development approaches. The T...
  • The Admissions Essay - A.K.A. Lazy Recruiting
    by Debra Wheatman - December 10, 2018
    The numbers are out. The job market is hot. Top candidates are in high demand. The current market is one in which Lazy Recruiting—a top peeve of mine—has no place. And yet, it continues to be SOP at many hiring companies. Lazy Recruiting has many facets. In its most common form, Lazy Recruiting is when a hiring company posts an open position and sits back and lets the applications roll in. After a few weeks, said h...
  • Why You Probably Need More Training, Not Less
    by Alexandra Levit - December 5, 2018
    In my work as a business and workforce consultant, I’ve observed that in times of change and uncertainty, some organizations stop spending money – and especially money that goes to employee training and development. However, given the future work trends of cross-functional teaming, workforce-wide digital fluency, and an emphasis on uniquely human skills, this may be a short-sighted approach. Let’s look at the...
  • Designing the Right Physical Space for Corporate Training
    by Alexandra Levit - November 29, 2018
    In my work as a human resources and leadership consultant, I’ve observed that many organizations have dedicated spaces where employees come together to receive training. Most of the time, these locations are basic conference rooms, which led me to wonder: what if companies could build facilities uniquely equipped to meet the needs of the human learner? Seeking to find out what such spaces might look like and what best...
  • Why Don't We Just Stop Having Meetings and Send Texts Instead?
    by Steve Farber - November 27, 2018
    Everybody’s telling you to avoid so many meetings. Here’s some opposite advice. It’s almost a cliché that people hate going to meetings, and many of the complaints are legitimate. Meetings take up a lot of time. They distract people from important tasks. To add insult to injury, if you’re the one who called the meeting, some are focused on other things such as daydreaming, looking at their pho...
  • Put a Little Love in Your Business and According to this Study, You'll be Repaid with Loyalty and Productivity
    by Steve Farber - November 22, 2018
    As a business leader, I know, you’re no softie. That’s why you’re in charge. You didn’t get where you are today by knowing all the words to “Kumbaya.” You have developed a thick skin, an unsentimental view of the world, and a Teflon exterior that lets problems roll right off your back. Those are all important leadership qualities in the workplace, sure. But if that’s all you are, yo...
  • How to Lead a Team in the Workplace of the Future
    by Alexandra Levit - November 20, 2018
    When writing my new book Humanity Works: Merging People and Technology for the Workforce of the Future, I found a business world in the process of rapid transformation. I learned that one way to have a sustainable competitive advantage in a constantly evolving, virtual, global and automated environment is to master how to lead a team. Leaders who do this may well find that running their organizations at this time in history wi...
  • Get Real and Optimize Your Hiring Strategy
    by Debra Wheatman - November 19, 2018
    You’ve noticed. The job market has changed. A few short years ago, you were able to sit back and let the resumes of highly qualified candidates roll in. Between 2008-2014, you could require all sorts of criteria for candidates, and you could put them through a myriad of exercises, assessments, and interviews. But today, the candidates hold the cards. You can sit back and complain that you can’t find any qualified c...
  • "Ban the Box" Was Yesterday - Today It's Salary History
    by Gary A. Chamberlin - November 14, 2018
    The effort to combat gender pay inequity has taken many twists and turns at the federal level. We've all seen reports and data about the difference in average pay between men and women (83%), and the even greater disparity involving minority women (i.e., 53%) when compared to non-minority males. OFCCP and EEOC have been at the forefront of many attempted policy and program measures. Included among these are the OFCCP&...
  • 2018 OFCCP Year in Review: A New Partnership
    by Bill Osterndorf - November 14, 2018
    As we stand back and examine what happened during 2018, it is natural to simply catalogue the numerous changes that occurred at the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). There were multiple new directives, new initiatives, and new personnel at the agency. There were actions taken that we had never seen before from the agency, including the public release of information on how...